AT Compensation Issues

Money and time are two very important aspects of a job. As you start a session or a period of time with a patient their are many steps leading up into the road to recovery that you must establish. A huge problem that you will face is compensation for time spent with a patient to help them recover. Instead of being paid for the hours of the day you spend with a patient doing rehabilitation, therapy, daily communication and treatment programs. You will get paid by completion of a patients rehabilitation and ability to go back to the sport that they love doing. The downside to being an Athletic Trainer is that there is a huge liability issue because if you think a player is ready to play but is still injured and can re-injure them self. “It is imperative for sports medicine researchers to establish an evidence-based medical guideline for making return-to play decisions for athletes after concussion.”   Due to the fact that your call on a patients status of recovery or “return to activity guidelines”. And would prevent retrospect second guessing and reliability of the Trainer. Wages and Compensation for your time spent is a huge factor that all Trainers must think about before becoming an AT. Wile spending most of your day devoted to an athletes Overall progression and day’s on the road following an athlete or even a whole team. Will diminish your time spent with your family, friends or Pastime activities. This issues is a huge obstacle in my career path because I must dedicate my time entirely to better the life’s of Athletes. Or be in the job just for the money to better off my life and the ones around me. Hopefully in the near future their will be laws or regulations that will be set to help provide the necessary payment for an AT’s time. Depending on the situation they are working with. If this situation of Compensation is not fixed before I become an AT I will take this situation to the National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA) and work towards fixing the situation of Compensation for the time spent with an athlete. Running your own medical practice’s is the only way you can independently bill athletes for the time you spend with them and not get paid a general amount of money for a set amount of time.

Principles of Liability

This article written by Barbara Osborne explains one of the most difficult problems faced by (AT). Witch is Neglecting Laws and Regulations of (AT) to harm others, show carelessness or failure to carry out responsibilities that they are relied apron to do there job. Witch must be backed up with evidence to carry out a report and removal of there licence and certification.

It’s Nobody’s fault, but Our Own

Athletic Trainer Salary: It’s Nobody’s Fault, but Our Own

This article by Josh Stone elaborates on the feelings towards the (NATA’s) Out look on payment for (AT) Because they are being paid lower than most jobs. “Someone needs to call the Head Athletic Trainer!”  Because they have no say regarding salary for assistants.  Despite the fact this job announcement is a slap in the face despite the groaning and complaining, this position will get applicants. (AT) are prideful people who are passionate about their jobs but does come at a cost. Either you will work through the troubles or when you say no they will hire an assistant to work for you. So you must be courageous and make a stand and earn respect and eventually your efforts will be compensated.

This information that I learned gave me a different look at the responsibilities and tasks of an (AT) that you must love what you do and do it for the enjoyment of helping others and not to complain, because in the long run you will be paid for your efforts.


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